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Luciana Misura on 13/03/2012 by Luciana Misura on 13/03/2012

This post is a comparison of baby carriers,based on my experience with different types of chargers. I've talked here on the blog several times that I'm a fan of slings to carry babies and kangaroos,but I was not understanding very well with my sling ring and did not want to return to using the Baby Bjorn that was what I used when Julia was a baby (now speak the reason).Then I remembered to ask for Barbara 's name charger super cool that she wore to her son: the Ergo .Bought before we travel to Seattle and debuted on the trip,LOVED.We use the plane for a walk when he tired of the cart,would put up over the cold even overcoats (as both my him).Too bad I did not have before we go to Brazil,but better late than never!In the next photo we are at the airport in Austin back from Seattle and Eric is biting the handle desperately - he bites everything as if ready to be born a tooth.Then I put some pictures of it in "normal" position so you can see.

For those who are wondering why I left the sling side,I will explain: the boots cloth slings are unstructured,some are tying,others are ring like mine,and you can use as long as the baby is newborn up the child was a year old or more. The slings offer a lot of flexibility in terms of positions for the baby,and the biggest advantage to a baby is brand new deitadinho he gets in there and can sleep a good (and often suck too).The problem of the sling TO ME is that I am very clumsy with them.I've tried several kinds and I curl up to put the baby in the sling,so with Julia and Eric had the same problem.Gabe for example is much better than me in handling the sling,he can use a good,I fumble all and I'm always afraid the baby is poorly positioned,fall,etc..I am always envious of women who use the sling with the greatest ease and naturalness,because I think the most and wanted to know too,but even after a few months training was not working.

Julia was a baby when we passed the same situation with the sling (another brand,other than this I have now) and then bought a Baby Bjorn ,Which is a charger kangaroo super popular here in the U.S..It is a structured charger,you put the baby in a cocoon of cloth with handles and wears like a backpack.The baby can stay in two places in front of you when it is very young and does not support your neck very well,or turned off when the baby already has a good 3-4 months to support the head.We use quite Bjorn with Julia,but not for long,because she was getting heavy and the weight distribution of the Bjorn is not very good,putting all the baby weight on your shoulders (and pulling forward).I stopped using when Julia was 6 months or so Gabe could still last longer and used in some situations where strollers were not allowed near her 1 year. After that bought a backpack Chicco walk sports,go hiking tours and such and more ergonomic but a tumble that you can not take on the go or put the bag on a day-to-day.

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2006-08-22 12:01:29 by lowfatmuffin

Do you have a sling, wrap or carrier?

Often babies that age like to be worn. They like motion, so put them in the wrap and walk, walk, walk - out of the house, up and down steps, pace the hallway.
Do you have a big exercise ball? I can't tell you how many hours I spent with the baby in the bjorn, sitting on the exercise ball, bouncing while watching TV or a movie.
How about white noise? Maybe try vacuuming while wearing baby or run the radio on static.
Do you have the book Happiest Baby on the Block? If not, get it NOW and read it quickly! Its a lifesaver!
She'll get bigger soon and outgrow her newborn immature nervous system

2012-01-29 20:20:15 by -

I thought it would be, but it was really easy

And I only used the instructions twice.
It's nice to have help at first, but it's very easy by yourself too. We did the baby laying down like in a hammock in front of me at first, when he got older we did him facing inward sitting up, like he'd be in a bjorn type carrier, and he's 17 months and still loves it. He's also tiny, so I don't know how long it lasts for most people, it hurts my shoulders if I don't carry him for a few weeks and then try. If I do it all the time, it's no problem.

2006-07-19 20:08:15 by alixsmom

Just try lots of combinations

Mine wasn't technically colicky, but she had her "screaming time" from about 5 - 11 every night for a couple of months. I think it was actually gas.
The 5 S's worked for us - especially swaddling and pressure on her stomache and bouncing to sleep (did that one for a long time) and swaying - she would stop screaming and go to sleep as long as I would wear her in the baby bjorn, with a pacifier in her mouth (with a little burp cloth to hold it in) with her arms INSIDE the bjorn so she felt all swaddled up AND walking - no leaning on the couch, no sitting down, so standing, WALKING or else she would wake up and scream some more

2005-01-11 13:17:38 by ecomama

Yay. Wore my kids several hours a day

Doing things around the house, walking outside, shopping, errands, breastfeeding, napping (the kid), working, sitting at the computer, you name it.
Advantages over Bjorn:
sling lasts longer (newborn to 3 years for us)... more versatile positions for baby... varied positions to accomodate mom's tiring back muscles... you can breastfeed in it... if baby falls asleep you can put baby down easily without fiddling with buckles and straps... sling has many other uses like picnic blanket, changing pad, sunblocker, purse (some have pockets)... slings are prettier... etc.

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