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June 2013

At what age baby smiling?

At what age baby eat?

At what age baby can sit up?

At what age baby boom?

At what age baby recognizes his name?

At what age baby talk?

It is only between her ninth month and a year and a half baby deliver his first word. It was not until beyond 18 months to hear his first words.

Baby one month

  • When lying on his back, he holds his head up with one arm and one leg bent
  • He began to raise his head.
  • When he sat down, he does not take his head right
  • It is sensitive to noise
  • It responds to the voice of his mother
  • He can smile at the sound
  • He stares.
  • See Baby 1 month

Baby two months

  • He holds his head up a few moments
  • , he manages to lift his head and shoulders.
  • He sucks his fingers
  • It grows about 1 cm per week
  • It holds objects in his hands.
  • He follows his mother eyes
  • He smiled easily
  • See Baby 2 months

Baby to 3 months

  • He sleeps less.
  • He keeps his head up when we took him in his arms
  • On the stomach: it raises the head and shoulders
  • Emits sounds when spoken
  • Disappearance of grasping reflex
  • He babbles a lot
  • He loves being massaged
  • It extends and flexes her legs
  • His vision occurs at 180 degrees
  • See Baby 3 months

Baby 4 months

  • He holds his head up without the need to support his neck
  • He grabs objects
  • He turns his head when he hears the noise
  • Lying on his back, he places his legs extended
  • Lying on his stomach, he raises his head and shoulders.
  • He often laughed out loud
  • See Baby 4 months

At 5 months

  • He can sit with a light supports.
  • He relies on his hands and falls head up when lying on stomach
  • He begins to differentiate colors.
  • He turns his head toward the sound he hears
  • It distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar faces
  • It soon frightened by the noise
  • He smiles when he recognizes himself in a mirror
  • See Baby 5 months

Baby 6 months

  • When seated, he managed to hold its head without moving
  • When the stomach:
  • He managed to turn around and put on the back
  • He straightens leaning on his hands.
  • He stretches his arms
  • He grabs an object and loose easily
  • He expressed his willingness and easily expresses his discontent
  • He plays with his feet and puts them in his hands.
  • See Baby 6 months
  • Baby at 7 months

    • He spends what he holds in one hand to the other without letting go
    • He managed to sit leaning on her hands so as not to fall
    • It can move by crawling.
    • He is seated leaning on a support
    • He puts his foot in his mouth
    • He managed to say a few syllables and : ba, da ...
    • It responds to his name
    • He needs a blanket
    • See 7 month old baby

    Baby 8 months

    • It can sit alone
    • He managed to drink a alone.
    • It reacts to strangers.
    • He said his first words of two syllables.
    • It can almost walk
    • It includes the refusal
    It is easily attracted by small objects, sockets and electrical son.

    Baby 9 months

    • He loves attention.
    • It moves on all fours
    • He is sitting without support
    • It raises and manages to sit alone
    • He stands with support
    • He recognizes his name when called
    • He grabbed an object between the thumb and index
    • He eats with his fingers
    • See baby at 9 months

    2009-05-31 11:07:07 by --

    My twins were like that, crawling at 4 months,

    Getting themselves into sitting positions by 5 months, eating finger food by 6 months, walking at 9 & 10 months, RUNNING opposite directions be 12 months! It was crazy! They have not slowed down a bit since.
    Once when they were just 5 months old, one of them climbed up on the double stroller while my back was turned at a moms & babies group. He got up with his feet on the arm rest and reaching to the top of the stroller. I was talking to another mom and she said OMG look! Her baby was the same age and not rolling over yet. I always had to pull my babies off the other ones who were laying on their backs on the floor.

    2005-12-08 09:44:32 by lowfatmuffin

    She's 2 weeks old, babies cry a lot at that age

    Just because she never has before doesn't mean that anything is wrong. her life history isn't that long for you to judge yet what is normal and not for her, and babies change every single day for the first few months. She could be hitting colic age, growth spurt, or just a general realization that she's not in the womb.
    If you haven't read Happiest Baby on the Block then buy it, read it and follow it exactly as he outlines it. That's what helped my baby when she was 1-8 weeks old. Some of the stuff may sound a bit kooky, but disregard the fact that it might seem odd and just follow it exactly

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